Black Friday: Binance offers R$ 530 thousand in cryptomoedas for free and up to 50% discount to buy Bitcoin

Exchange promotes week of discounts and sweepstakes for traders who can win more than R$ 530 thousand in Bitcoin for free.

The week of Black Friday can yield free cryptomotes for traders in Brazil who operate in the market through Binance. In total, the exchange intends to deliver more than R$ 530 thousand in Bitcoin (BTC) through drawings.

In addition, the Black Friday Binance promotion for the week intends to offer up to 50% discount for the purchase of Bitcoin on the platform. In this case, the offer is only available to new users.

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Binance presented one of the biggest promotions for the week Black Friday among the companies that acts on the Brazilian cryptomeda market. With an award of more than R$ 270 thousand, the exchange traders can win cryptomoedas for free through drawings and discounts.

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According to the exchange, most of the prize amount will be offered through a draw for traders who already operate on the platform. In other words, from R$ 537 thousand, around R$ 270 thousand will be distributed to former Binance users.

Thus, to participate in the draw it will be necessary to complete some tasks presented in the rules of the promotion, such as trading US$ 1 thousand in cryptomoedas. Besides, the participation in the draw may generate a discount of up to 20% for traders on Bitcoin purchase.

In total, 150 users will be chosen by lottery and will be able to buy up to US$ 1 thousand in Bitcoin with 20% discount at Binance. The same users who are drawn to buy BTC with discount will also split the prize of R$ in cryptomoedas for free.

Exchange offers US$ 100 in Bitcoin during Black Friday (Play/Binance)
Exchange enters Black Friday

The Binance promotion for the Black Friday week in Brazil aims to stimulate the use of the exchange also by new users. Thinking about increasing the number of clients, the platform has allocated part of the cryptomoedas for free for new traders.

While old Binance clients will get „only“ 20% discount to buy Bitcoin, new exchange users may be entitled to purchase cryptomoeda with up to 50% discount.

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Therefore, those who never had an account at Binance can be drawn to buy Bitcoin with 50% discount on the platform, valid for purchases of up to US$ 1 thousand. According to the company, to participate in the raffle, users must buy at least US$ 50 in cryptomotes, through pairs with fiduciary currencies, such as BRL/BTC.

In addition to the Binance that offers prizes during Black Friday, soon Ripple (XRP) holders can also win cryptomoedas for free through a Spark Token airdrop.

On the other hand, the NovaDAX exchange is also distributing free cryptomotes. Although it is not a Black Friday promotion, on the platform it is possible to win up to $ 17,000 with drawings, referrals and competition for traders.

Finally, like Binance, CoinGoBack is offering up to $1,000 in Bitcoin for free during Black Friday. In the case of this company, the distribution of Cryptomoeda will happen through a cashback program for users.

Meanwhile, the Binance promotion started this Monday (23) and should last until next November 30th, 2020. Until then, traders can trade Bitcoin in order to gain cryptomoeda for free.